Dustin (ravior) wrote,

late night dreams

me: i keep forgeting...i had a dream about yu the other night
dea: that sounded sorta bitchy
dea: sorry
me: meh nevermind about it
dea: oh no tell me.....
dea: unless its something i wont wanna here
me: i was there with you and this big wolf/dog came through the door
me: seemed pretty angry at me
dea: the dog or me?
me: all i really remember is running my fingers through yur hair as yu were lying down, and that dog growling at me
me: oh
dea: blue eyes?
me: i dont remember
me: mightve been
dea: my puppy doesnt like guys hes got blue eyes
me: oh...yea i was thinking it mightve been him
dea: yea hes my little wolfdog baby
me: anywho
dea: yea
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