Dustin (ravior) wrote,

old poem

New Moon
The moon lit covered forests of the night,
They call me to a land of dark and light.
I feel a soul within me burning,
A constant craving and a yearning,
A savage life devoid of corruption,
Upon these nights I make the assumption:
I'm missing out on life's little joys,
All I've been taught becomes so much noise.
I leave my home of material things,
High with euphoria that freedom brings.
I feel a change within me begin,
To all animals I am akin.
I am the predator that stalks its prey
And leave 'fore they die no sense of dismay.
Quiet too quiet for them to hear,
Die without knowing a drop of fear.
I can move with stealth and grace to my kill,
His life in my hands shall bend to my will.
Won't even see the glow in my eyes,
I decide what in his future lies.
Ready myself for the imminent leap
And the grand wound that will put him to sleep.
Pounce and I bite and he knows no more,
From the gaping hole his blood does pour.
I feast on his flesh, I chew on his bones,
What I shall leave can be thrown to the stones.
The smell of fresh kill brings quite a crowd,
I chase away with roar clear and loud.
King of the night, on this I believe,
Nothing is my equal upon this eve.
No soul in this night dares disturb me
Without fear of life in jeopardy.
I sound the call to all souls found at last,
Creatures who have broke the mold, broke the cast.
Monsters all monsters this night is yours,
For once again we hunt on all fours.
The moonlit covered forests of the night,
They call me to a land of dark and light.
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