Dustin (ravior) wrote,

staring at the stars

try and calm down
try and expell the demons
who am i trying to be
i know somwhere deep down
in the darkness
there is me
and i know i haven't felt understood
but once
throw me deeper
i can see the light
stare up and see my angel
brighten my way my midnight moon
i am multiple minds
for here i speak
and here i answer
dark spirits share my soul?
i have not grown together
but like the branches of a tree
a tree that needs pruning
the jagged ragged limbs
rotting dying in the way
shorn away
and then
yet pure
yet untainted
life still holds miracles
and i couldn't dream
a more wonderful dream
my love lives far away
but there within my heart
a fire burns
she could be a million miles further
but here i am
and i know its real
woke up from a dream
but my angel's still there
looking in my eyes
forever and a day
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