Dustin (ravior) wrote,

2 years later

its been so long, and for all that's changed, things always seem to stay the same.
there's so little in the way of life to me now. i thought that the only solace for my pain lay within the dreams i now cannot escape. every night time venture leaves me drained further and feeling the cold touch of desperation and isolation just a bit more than the night before. these dreams that haunt me, torture. this year has been agony, loss and sorrow burrowed in the depths of a fallacy. between the psychotics and just plain crazy, what's left out there? they turn away from me, and all too suddenly there are only backs to me. what is there to prove my existence, what is there to make things worthwhile? if i could fall away from all this, if only.
i stand at the precipice of lonliness... and sit in silence... waiting for an answer.
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